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About Ecuador


Ecuador is not a large country but still fantastic to visit. Go and see the lamas in the Andes or watch the pirayas in the rainforest. Here you find a multitude of old, colonial churches and you absolutely have to visit one of the indian villages in the jungle. Everything is ”close” ni Ecuador with so much to offer when it comes to nature and experiences.

In Ecuador you find the wellknown volcano Cotopaxi. The highest volcano in the country is Chimborazo, close to the equator. Its peak is the spot on earth which is farthest away from the centre of the earth. The Galapagos islands are part of Ecuador and known for the giant turtles and for its rich bird life.

Ecuador has a very varied climate. On the lowlands at the coast of the Pacific ocean and in the bottom of the Amazonas the climate is tropical. The highlands has a tempered climate and at the coast the climate is humid in the north and gets drier the further south you get.


13 547 510 million inhabitants

The official language is Spanish. English is mainly used in business, and in the tourist industry. Quichua (Kichwa) and other indigenous languages are common.

USD Dollar  ($). Credit card is generally accepted.

Opening hours
Most stores open early at 8 am until 6 pm Monday through Friday. Businesses also often open Saturday until mid-afternoon. Outside Bogotá it’s common for businesses to close at noon for a two- or three-hour siesta. Commercial hours in cities in warmer areas such as Cali often get started and end earlier. Government offices often follow the same pattern. Banks tend to open around 9am and close at 4pm, though casas de cambio stay open later. Barranquilla’s two-week long Carnaval, second in importance in Latin America after Río’s, kicks off in the last half of February.

110/120 VAC.

Passport and Visa
Passports must be valid for more than 6 months beyond intended length of stay. Visitors must hold confirmed return/onward tickets and sufficient funds for their stay. Please,contact the embassy for information about the rules for your country.