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About El Salvador


Choose El Salvador for your next vacation and you won’t be disappointed. There are fantastic volcanos, exciting national parks and numerous hiking trails to explore. Follow in the paths of the Maya indians to Ruinas de Tazumil, magnificent even for those who are experienced travellers. If you’re in to surfing, this is the place for you. The surfwaves are perfect on black beaches.

El Salvador is in Central America and the smallest country in Latin America. A large number of rivers float through El Salvador out into the Pacific Ocean. The only river that is large enough for commercial vessels.

The climate is tropical along the coast with a rain period from May to October. In the middle of the country the climate is tempered.

San Salvador.

7,185  million inhabitants.

The official language is Spanish. English, Nahuat

Salvadoran colon. Credit card is generally accepted.

Opening hours
Opening hours throughout the country tend to vary. The big cities and major towns generally get going quite early in the morning, with government offices working from 8am to 4pm and most businesses from 8.30/9am to 5/5.30pm, with some closing for an hour at lunch. On national holidays, everything will be shut, with some businesses also closing on the day of local fiestas. Archeological sites are usually closed on Monday.

120v AC 60 hz

Passport and Visa
Travelers should be aware that El Salvador’s entry requirements vary in accordance with agreements the country has with foreign governments.  Citizens of several countries in addition to the United States may enter El Salvador with a current passport and either a visa or tourist card.  Citizens of many other countries, including many Latin American and western European nations, may enter with only a current passport.  However, citizens of most nations are required to present both a current passport and a visa to enter El Salvador.  Non-U.S. citizen travelers are advised to contact a Salvadoran embassy or consulate to determine the entry requirements applicable to them. Please,contact the embassy for information about the rules for your country.