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Tours in Honduras


Copan Ruins

Copan Ruins is a tranquil oasis of ancient culture and sublime nature nestled in the foothills of Honduras For years, Copan has been renowned for its magnificent Maya – Ruin, a designated World Heritage Site believed by archeologists to be the cultural center, the Paris, of the Maya world.
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La Ceiba

La Ceiba, also known as “Honduras’ Sweetheart”, is considered the most cheerful, working and friendly city of our country. Its geography combines rivers, beaches, forests and a exhuberant natural beauty preserved at our National Park “Pico Bonito” and Wildlife Refuge “Cuero y Salado”. Due to this, La Ceiba has been declared by our government as “ The Ecotouristic Capital of Honduras”.
You’ll find the best options to relax, rest, enjoy and go in the world of eco-adventures.
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cayos-cochinosCayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos are a group of two small islands (Cayo Menor and Cayo Mayor) and 13 small coral cays lying 19 miles northeast of La Ceiba on the northern Honduran coast. Because of its varied underwater life, these island offer diving and snorkelling activities of highest quality. Go below the surface and see Sea Turtles, Angelfishes and other animals, or stay on the island and enjoy the great weather and the lovely beaches.
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