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Visit to the Chocoe -Indian community Parara-Puru


Visit in the Parara-puru community

Departure: Daily

We leave early in the morning in a micro bus towards the port of Corutu o Nuevo Vigia, where we go on board on a motordriven canoe. From there, we continue towards the lake Alajuela that is the second biggest lake in Panama that is built by men. When we get there, a local specialist guide will help us to explore the society of Parara-puru and the ethnical group of the Chocoes.

The Chocoes are very skillful artisans, which we will recognize from their tree sculptures and the baskets that they make. The people will also welcome us with a dance show. We have lunch, consisting of fish served on leaves. In the afternoon we get the chance to swim in the river. We get back to the hotel at 4 pm in the afternoon.

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Visit to the Chocoe -Indian community PARARA-PURU





The valley and the indian market
Departure: Daily (sunday is recommended)

The valley “El Valle de Antón” is one of the most vivid places in the whole inner Panamá. It is situated two hours from the capital, in the province Cocle, 600 metres above sea level. The valley with the very comfortable climate is really a crater from a volcano, that is likely to have been the biggest one in the world at that time. We go to the indan market where the artisans come to sell their products, which they especially do on sundays.  There are crafts of wood, stone sculptures, shell jewells, leather and much more. Thereafter, we go visit the nature reserve with its waterfall Chorro de Macho.

We get to see the petroglyphs, the mountain La india Dormida (the sleeping indian), a name given because of its appearance. Finally, we go to “El Níspero”, the zoological park, with wounded animals found in the djungle. Lunch and entrance is included in the tour. We return to Panama city in the afternoon.

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1 pax

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The valley and the indian market




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