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About Puerto Rico


Think about a lovely paradise island in the Carribean Sea and we say Puerto Rico. Here you find almost everything that gives you an unforgettable vacation. Magnificent, sunny beaches, fantastic nature and food served in a way that you have never tasted it before. If you are in to museums and culture, there is lots to choose from. Puerto Rico is waiting for you to be explored!

Puerto Rico lies as on of the islands in the group of islands called Greater Antilles. The island has a long coastal line and offer about 20 fantastic forest reserves, lush rain forests and beautiful beaches with great water sport activities.

The temperature in Puerto Rico never gets under 20 degrees C, but it is warmest during the summer months. That is also the time when you get the most rain.

San Juan.

3,994 million inhabitants.

The official languages is Spanish,English

U.S. dollar. Credit card is generally accepted.

Opening hours
In general, business hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. On the public holidays we’ve listed, government offices, banks and schools are closed, and museum hours and transportation schedules may change.

110 volts AC 50 HZ, USA standart

Passport and Visa
All passport holders must have an onward or return ticket and documents necessary for further travel. Entry requirements for Puerto Rico are the same as for the United States of America. Please,contact the embassy for information about the rules for your country.