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Panama is the country where North and South America meet. Experience great nature with an exciting wild life. Here you find tropical rain forest, enormous grass lands and high mountains. Visit the unique Indian cultures or travel to one of the archipelagos with over 1.500 islands. Panama is proud over its Spanish heritage and especially the seven Indian tribes that live in the country. Here is something for everybody, regardless of if you like sun, bath, nature, culture or the beat in the big cities! More information!

Suggestions for programs and packages

Tours and excursions

Tour Panamá City

Go shopping in the Multicentre Albrook Moore or visit Panamá la vieja, with its ruins from the time when Henry Morgan and the Pirates ruled the city. Or why not try out Panama by night from the perspective of a traditional local party bus. Panama is a fascinating city with a great atmosphere and a rich history to learn about.

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Panamá canal

The Canal, built in the beginning of the 20th century, that might be the most famous one in the entire world, is a must see if you go to Panama. We have of coursea lot of different options that you can choose from. Join the full day trip from ocean to ocean or maybe a half day excursion to the Miraflores locks combined with a trip to the city.

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Historical and Cultural tour to Portobelo

From here the Spanish conquerers transported their treasures back to Europe. Needless to say, Portobelo became a popular place to hang around for pirates and other thieves. Visit the little port with the dramatic history and see the ruins and the forts.

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