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Исла Маргарита

Исла Де Маргарита

Исла де Маргарита, это настоящий рай. Здесь вы найдете фантастические пляжи с белым песком, кокосовыми пальмами и водой, которая кристальночистая с бирюзой! Климат  абсолютно великолепен- 30 градусов  тепла воздух и около 27 гр воды круглый год. В Исла-де-Маргарита дёшево,за  покупки  вы не платите ндс ,это означает, что цены примерно на 15-20 процентов ниже, чем на материке. Один из самых интересных мест для посещения городок Эль-Валье-дель-Espíritu Санту-религиозный центр острова.Восточная часть острова также  предлагает изобилие ночных развлечений.

asuncionCity Tours
Discover the variety of landscapes that Isla Margarita has to offer. In record time, you can visit the shops with genuine works of art from the island, you can discover the beautiful Pampatar bay and continue to Asuncion (capital of the island). Between Asunción and el Valle (the religious capital), you will get the chance to see the highest mountain of the island and see the fabulous view at the same time as you get the chance to experience a short parade in one of the most important commercial centers of Margarita.

jeepsafarijpgJeep Safari
You will get the chance to travel through one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands with a fun and different vehicle, a four-wheel jeep. Together with a local guide, you will experience a great combination of scenarios such as the humid jungle, National La Sierra heights, or the desert as we find on the peninsula Paraguachoa.

El-Gran-RoqueFull day in Los Roques
After a short flight from Porlamar we land in El Gran Roque. At the island we get welcomed by the staff and climb aboard on a catamaran that takes us out through the archipelago. During the day we visit a couple of capes on the island of El Gran Roque, and we get the opportunity to enjoy the beach with white sand and crystal clear waters. From there, those who wish to can reach the multi-coloured corals that surround the capes and try snorkelling. Lunch is served. Then we go to another cape in the afternoon before we return to Gran Roque, where the passengers fly back.

Canaima National Park is famous for having the highest situated water in the world. You find it in one of the most ancient rock formations on the planet in the southeastern part of the city of Bolivar and around 225 kilometres from the River Orinoco.This national park was classified as a World Heritage Site in 1975. Its humidity, combined with the jungle and savannah, with impressive plateaus, that are dated to the pre-cambric era, more than 3500 million years ago. On the highest plateau known as Auyantepuy, we can find the highest waterfall in the world, the Salto Angel, which is 1005 meters high. The combination of the geological formation and the impressive falls creates a scenario that can not be found anywhere else in the world. An unforgettable experience.

Isla-de-cocheIsla de coche
Sail in the colourful waters around the Caribbean Sea and enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape while experiencing various fun activities on board on a very comfortable boat. We step off the boat at the paradise beach of La Punta in the beautiful Isla de coche. This is a day full of entertainment and fun stuff. Go to the coast on the Banana ride or perform any kind of sport on the beach with the activity staff. This will be an unforgettable day both for you and for your travel companions.The transport to the island takes 50 minutes. In the afternoon, if you want to, you can go back to Margarita and those who feel like it can stay on the island overnight.Click to read more!

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