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We want to thank you for everything we got to experience on this amazing trip to Peru, which we will always keep in our hearts.




Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto la Cruz / Edo. Anzoategui

This town is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Venezuela. The beaches are found outside of the city. “Isla de Plata” and “Conoma y Arapito“ are really beautiful places located next to one of the most beautiful parks in the country, the National Park of Mochima. From there goes the ferry between the mainland and Margarita, and you can also sail between the islands that surround the city, including Las Chimanas, Cachicam and Borracha. In the canals they have built elegant urban areas where houses have their own bridge and where people can use boats and yachts for transportation. When night falls, the urban population and the tourists take a walk out to the main street, Paseo Colon, as a traditional part of the introduction to the nocturnal activity that characterizes the city.


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