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Travel regulations
When you buy a package tour the Swedish travel guarantee law applies and all of Nordic Latin Travels tours are covered by this law. This means that if your trip is stopped or cancelled, you will be compensated by the travel guarantee. A package tour is an arrangement that consists of transfer together with accommodation or any of these services in combination with for example rent of car or entrance to an amusement park, provided that the trip lasts for more than 24 hours or includes accommodation. The trip should be sold at one price or at separate prices connected to each other.

Book a trip

You can book your trip at Nordic Latin Travel either by phone, email or by filling out the entry form which you can find under «bookings» at the top of the page.
In connection with you ordering your trip you pay a registration fee of SEK 2.500 per person if nothing else is said. On the registration form you can also order cancellation protection at a fee of SEK 500. The order confirmation will be sent to you in a couple of days, either via e-mail or by regular mail. When you have paid the registration fee of SEK 2.500 your booking is secured which also means that you accept our travel conditions. Registration is binding when you have paid the fee. Purchase on approval is applicable for one week. We ask you to carefully study all travel ocnditions before ordering your trip, especially “Allmänna villkkor för paketresor” (General conditions for package tours). You can pay your trip through your bank account, in cash or with a bank- or credit card. Bank cards are free of charge. Final pay is the price for the trip minus registration fee and should be paid no later than 30 days before departure at Nordic Latin Travel’s bank account nr:446-0218. When we have received your payment, all necessary travel documents will be sent to you together with a receipt on your payment.

Rebooking of trip
If you rebook your trip, change date or destination, this is regarded as if you book a new trip. This can lead to extra costs for you, according to the rules under “Cancellation protection”.

Travel documents
Your travel documents will be sent to your via e-mail or by regular mail. Please cheque that all information is in accordance with your booking. Should there be any mistakes, we ask you to contact us immediately.

Child discounts
For children under the age of 12, certain discounts apply if the child sleeps in an extra bed in the parent’s room. This is vald in all our hotels.

Passport and visa
You are responsible for controlling that your passport is valid. The name in your passport has to be the same as the name in your flight reservation. This is especially important to think about before you go on a honey moon. In most countries the passport has to be valid at least 6 months longer than planned date of departure. For Swedish citizens with a valid passport, no visa is required for trips to Latin America.

Always contact your physician or a vaccination office before you go on your trip. In certain parts of Latin America it is required that you take pills against malaria.

Cancellation protection
The traveller has the right to cancel the trip according to the following:

When setting the price for the trip, should not be included what the traveller has paid for the cancellation protection.
- If the trip is cancelled between 30 and 14 days before departure, the traveller should pay 15% of the price for the trip.
- If the trip is cancelled between 14 and 8 days before departure, the traveller should pay 50% of the price for the trip.
- If the trip is cancelled earlier than 8 days before departure, the traveller should pay the whole price for the trip.
The cancellation protection fee is not repaid at cancellation of the trip.

Nordic Latin Travel has been classified with risk rate 5 (where 1 is the highest and 5 the lowest risk), according to the classification of the “UC Riskprognos”.

Travel insurance
It is important that you have a complete travel insurance before you go on a long trip. Many home insurances include a certain amount of travel protection. You should, however, carefully control what is and what is not included. The insurance should cover many different types of costs, if you get sick or if you are involved in an accident, i e costs for medical care, travel costs, costs for interrupted vacation and replacement trip, disability insurance at casualties, added expenses for home travel, compensation for delay, baggage, responsibility, legal protection, injury followed by an assault, elimination of excess, etc.

Nordic Latin Travel does not sell only air tickets.

Baggage rules
We refer to the different air line companies.

Tour leaders
Nordic Latin Travel offers Swedish- and English speaking (some even Spanish speaking) tour leaders for our large groups. In each country, English speaking and knowledgeable guides are available.

Possible complaints on our hotels or excursions, should be presented directly to the hotel or the organizer of the excursion. The complaint will then be forwarded to Nordic Latin Travel in Sweden for handling.

General conditions for package tours (Allmänna villkor för paketresor)
For more information on rules and conditions for package tours, we refer to «Allmänna villkor för paketresor», which is found on the home pages of «Konsumentverket» and «Kammarkollegiet».

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